Is Counseling right for me?
If you are asking this question, the answer is “yes.”
Many come to counseling sessions seeking advice on a specific issue.
Some notice that they are repeating the same self-defeating behaviors and they want help in making healthy changes. Some are clear about what form of healing they need from past or present hurts. Others are vague about what they need but have a sense of restlessness about their lives, their relationships, their work or their spiritual connection. Many clients come in at a time of transition in their lives. They want to bounce off some ideas and may need help in sorting out and finding a purpose or meaning in life. Bob and Joyce Simpson are trained to help the individual or couple discover how to transform their lives. They are available by phone to discuss your special needs.
Call them at 714-997-9600.

What can be treated?
Mental Health practitioners treat a variety of emotional and sometimes physical conditions. We believe in a whole person mind/body approach.

Who are the Therapists?
Bob Simpson, M.A., MFT
Joyce Simpson, M.A., MFT
have both been licensed psychotherapists for over thirty (30) years. They received their Master Degrees from Chapman University, which is where they met. They are married 30+ years and have two grown sons.

Will my insurance cover this?
We accept most insurance plans. However insurance plans do vary greatly. If you call us, we can research your plan and let you know about your coverage.

What about confidentiality?
We adhere to all HIPPA policies.
Your counseling session is completely confidential with only a few exceptions.
If you are using your medical insurance, you will be required to sign an insurance form waiving confidentiality with the insurance carrier. Some people prefer not to use their insurance plan due to their need for privacy. This will all be discussed with you at your first visit.

How do I make an Appointment?
When you are ready to come in for a therapy session, call Joyce at 714-997-9600 or Bob at 714-997-9600x2 to find a time that will work with your schedule and ours.

What do I need to do to prepare for my first visit?
During the first visit, we will ask many questions. Consider if you have some specific things you want to discuss with us. You can download the initial intake forms or come 15-20 minutes early and fill out the forms in our courtyard waiting room. Please be on time as we have a tight schedule to keep. We will devote our full attention to you during your visit.