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Joyce is a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist who works with men and women who are "stuck" or feel that there is "something missing" in their lives. She helps them relax and focus on their wants and needs.

Through goal setting, behavior modification and visualization, she helps them rekindle passion, develop energy, enhance self-esteem and become more comfortable and fulfilled in their lives and in relationships.

Joyce also works with the individual and his or her significant other. She teaches communication techniques and helps the couples resolve conflicts with love and understanding.

Joyce states that she became a psychotherapist because she, herself, benefited from counseling. She states, "It helped me get a clearer picture of who I was and the choices I had in life. It also gave me the confidence I needed in order to change." Joyce continues to grow and change personally, and to update her professional skills, by regularly attending workshops and seminars. She is a member of CAMFT and AAMFT, both the California and American Associations of Marriage and Family Therapists.

She and her husband/partner, Bob, have been married for over 30 years. Together, they have raised the two children they had from prior marriages. Parenting and step-parenting are subjects Joyce knows well. She states, "Truly being there for our kids….loving them, nurturing them and setting boundaries for them…. then letting go and launching them, are turn-abouts that require patience, support and determination."

Joyce specializes in brief psychotherapy for anxiety and depression and works with eating disorders, substance abuse, victims of abuse, sexual difficulties and relationship or marriage and divorce issues. She says that she loves her work as it is rewarding to see people grow and become healthy and happy.

To contact Joyce, call 714-997-9600 or E-mail her at