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How do I make an Appointment?

When you are ready to come in for a therapy session, call Joyce at 714-997-9600 or
Bob at 714-997-9600x2 to find a time that will work for you.

Couples Counseling

Couples will be asked to make individual appointments and to come in separately for the first time. Then they will be seen together by their therapist.


If you plan to use your insurance, we will need the name and phone number of your insurance company, your I.D. number, and your date of birth. We will be happy to research your insurance for you and help you obtain an authorization prior to your first appointment.

What do I need to do to prepare for my first visit?

During the first visit, we will ask many questions. Consider if you have some specific things you want to discuss with us. You can download the initial intake forms or come 15-20 minutes early and fill out the forms in our courtyard waiting room. Please be on time as we have a tight schedule to keep. We will devote our full attention to you during your visit.