If you were actually at The Self Center, the first thing you would notice is the tranquil, Zen like quality of the courtyard waiting room. You are invited to arrive early to let the sounds of cascading water, and the lush tropical plants help reduce the stress you may be carrying and lure you into relaxation in preparation for your counseling visit.

When you meet Bob or Joyce Simpson, the co-directors of The Self Center, you will find them sensitive, warm and professional. Joyce and Bob are Licensed Psychotherapists, Marriage, Family Therapists and Educators, who have been assisting people just like you since 1975. Whether you attend a seminar, join a workshop, have an individual or marital counseling appointment or are a member of an ongoing group, you will find them on the cutting edge of new developments in the field of psychotherapy.

Bob and Joyce pull from various fields, such as medicine, spirituality, wellness, music, literature and art to help you to transcend any immediate crisis and design the course you want your life to take. To aid you along the way, they may suggest a class, a piece of music, a workshop they lead on “Transforming Two-getherness”, or a book such as the one written by Bob, “Exposing Men: Understanding Their 5 Life Challenges.”


Robert D. Simpson, M.A., MFT

Bob Simpson is an innovator who can help someone experiencing the trauma of separation, an accident, or life transition to view it as an "incident" in their lives that has purpose, meaning and, potentially, a rewarding ending.

Bob Simpson is a teacher who is willing to share his own experiences and mistakes with others so that they might learn--firstly, to be open and, secondly, to consider alternatives in their views, beliefs and behaviors. In his work with couples, he sees three living beings in front of him: two partners and one relationship. Each has life of its own and must be treated with respect, honor and dignity.

As a psychotherapist, he will bring to bear on the client whatever it takes to make a difference in that person's life. Whether you see him as individual client, a couple, family, or as a member of his group, you will find him involved opening up new possibilities in your life.

Bob is a member of CAMFT and AAMFT, both the California and American Associations of Marriage and Family Therapists. Having been in professional clinical practice since 1975 with his wife, Joyce, his clients come from referrals, from past clients who are growing, and from established medical and legal firms who trust his integrity and professionalism..

Bob is an award winning photographer. He is able to see images that are metaphors for how he views mankind. See Bob's photo gallery.

Bob is the author of Exposing Men: Understanding Their 5 Life Challenges, a 107 page highly readable book that uses text, peppered with 23 of Bob’s humorous and provocative photos, case histories, exercises and famous quotes to help women – and their male partners – understand the challenges that all men face. See information about the book.

Bob has a unique style that combines humor, warmth and direction that is “right on target.” This can be seen and felt in his work as an artist, author, lecturer and psychotherapist.

To contact Bob, call 714-997-9600 x2 or E-mail him at bob@selfcenter.net


About Joyce

Joyce is a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist who works with men and women who are "stuck" or feel that there is "something missing" in their lives. She helps them relax and focus on their wants and needs.

Through goal setting, behavior modification and visualization, she helps them rekindle passion, develop energy, enhance self-esteem and become more comfortable and fulfilled in their lives and in relationships.

Joyce also works with the individual and his or her significant other. She teaches communication techniques and helps the couples resolve conflicts with love and understanding

Joyce states that she became a psychotherapist because she, herself, benefited from counseling. She states, "It helped me get a clearer picture of who I was and the choices I had in life. It also gave me the confidence I needed in order to change." Joyce continues to grow and change personally, and to update her professional skills, by regularly attending workshops and seminars. She is a member of CAMFT and AAMFT, both the California and American Associations of Marriage and Family Therapists.

She and her husband/partner, Bob, have been married for over 30 years. Together, they have raised the two children they had from prior marriages. Parenting and step-parenting are subjects Joyce knows well. She states, "Truly being there for our kids, loving them, nurturing them and setting boundaries for them, then letting go and launching them, are turn-abouts that require patience, support and determination."

Joyce specializes in brief psychotherapy for anxiety and depression and works with eating disorders, substance abuse, victims of abuse, sexual difficulties and relationship or marriage and divorce issues. She says that she loves her work as it is rewarding to see people grow and become healthy and happy.

To contact Joyce, call 714-997-9600 or E-mail her joyce@selfcenter.net.