Couples Counseling and Relationship Re-juvenation


It can be a very difficult time for you when your primary relationship(s) are in trouble. You and your partner may have been struggling for years, or something has recently come up that seems impossible to get past. Whatever type band-aid you put on it does not seems to make a difference. When you are at your wits' end, you give us a call. Joyce and/or Bob quickly respond to your call and ask you both to come in for an appointment.

Forty years of clinical and teaching experience has taught us the value to see you separately at first in order to get a feel for you and an understanding of your perceptions of the issues at hand. Once we have seen you and your partner alone, we arrange for a meeting with the two of you present. At this meeting we re-visit the issues, and create a plan for resolution and enrichment that works for both of you. There are times we will recommend individual counseling for one or both of you plus marital therapy and, depending on you situation, simply couple counseling. We will recommend certain things to do outside of the therapy hour that are designed to enhance and speed up the resolution process. We are not into helping either of you win. Our orientation is to have resolution.

Once the immediate issues have been resolved and you are able to constructively handle other problems that come up, we will end our sessions with you and ask you to come in for a follow-up visit in the following month.

One of the goals in working with couples is helping them transform togetherness


•   It is about the possibility of couples being open, authentic and close to each other as they were when their relationship was fresh and new.   

•   The value for men taking part is that they will be able to examine each of the 5 Life Challenges they face in their lives and transform their fears into power, their doubts into determination and their avoidance into participation.   

•   Women will be able to put aside the distortions they have used to define the perfect marriage and explore alternative ways of relating to their partners. In the reclaiming of their spirit and personal freedom they will be able to set positive personal boundaries while being open to the rekindled spark of love.   

•   We will help you re-discover your partners and begin to fill the void that has been created over time and circumstance. This will also be an opportunity to exercise and expand on the principles outlined in Exposing Men. Some couples will find a fresh look at how a relationship can really be. All couples will experience a positive shift in how they relate to each other.