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What professionals say about the book.

"I hate self-help books. They are hard to read and easily forgotten. However, with numerous examples and lovingly described case histories, Bob Simpson has created the exception that is easy to read and hard to put down."
Thomas Zener Esq.
, Attorney at Law

"Exposing Men is a whimsical, yet real and compassionate look at the underbelly of the beast. Men and women alike, will benefit from this delightful trip through the complexities of the male psyche."
Dr.Richard Sobel. Ph.D,
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

"This is the book every woman has been waiting for."
Laura Claveron, Esq.
, Attorney at Law

"...helps women get it about men and even helps men to get it about themselves."
Gordon Globus, M.D.
, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Philosophy, UCI.

“I don’t think women should read this! It hits too close to home and men may unite against you!”
Lloyd Merritt Smigel Author, Lecturer Trainer to Fortune 50 Companies

“The photos and captions in this delightful book are right on target and priceless. But that is just the wonderful visual icing on this insightful cake. The readers will thank Bob for this simply profound book for women – and the men they want to love.”
Cliff Custer Minister, Founder Christophus (Christ Centered Counseling and Retreat Center)

"What a gift to the man AND to his partner in life. This should solve a number of relationship issues and will help create deep understanding and a bridge to the relationship both have always wanted but might have given up on. Very effective and practical. Highly readable!"
Keith D. Garrick Synthesist. The Life Management Alliance

"In this book Bob has shared wisdom acquired from many years of successful clinical practice. His photos visually enhance the sound psychological principles and experiences with his patients. A helpful guide in the twists and turns of everyday relationships."
Judith Coyle, RN, B.S.N.